Scentmaster fragrance technology


Scentmaster fragrance technology

Scent is one of the most powerful selling tools. Getting the fragrance right can mean the difference between the stench of failure or the sweet smell of success.
Scentmaster is a range of highly concentrated fragrance, flavour and deodorising masterbatches. Scentmaster technology can help
you open up new markets and increase your market share by making your products more appealing to customers with a wide range of flavours and fragrances.
Scentmaster can be applied to a variety of product materials. It has been used in everything from special educational needs applications such as multi-sensory environments to stimulate children with learning disabilities, to helping to keep washrooms smell pleasant and fresh, to perfumed packaging to entice consumers. It has even been used as a calming influence on stressed pigs to improve animal welfare!
Our unique manufacturing process means that Scentmaster can be supplied in high concentrations. Typical addition rates are 1% or lower, making it a cost-effective and valuable addition to your product.
We can match almost any flavour or fragrance. Our most popular requests currently include chocolate, suntan lotion, green apple, cherry blossom and orange – but the possibilities are endless.
We can also produce fragrances that block bad or unwanted odours.



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