Verimaster security technology for brand protection


Verimaster security technology for brand protection

Counterfeiting is a growing problem,posing public health concerns and financial problems for legitimate brand owners and businesses alike. Verimsater innovative covert technology secures the integrity of your brand through the recognition of authentic products – and the instant detection of fake items.
Complex global supply chains create new opportunities for counterfeiting and companies find themselves in a constant struggle to defeat
well-funded criminal organisations. Manufacturers need a proactive approach to protect their customers and their brand integrity from the
dangers of counterfeit products.
Verimaster is a respected and experienced provider of technology and solutions designed to protect global brands from counterfeiting.
Similarly, Verimaster can monitor the use of specified materials in your product, revealing the presence of any fake components.
Available in masterbatch, liquid or powder forms, Verimaster is suitable for all polymers, paper, textiles and coatings. It is cost-effective and easy to test.
Once an item has been produced with built-in Verimaster Technology, the anti-counterfeit protection never diminishes.
Our technology is used in a wide range of industries, protecting billions of dollars worth of goods and millions of documents every year.




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