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“ALGO Food” has FOUNDED “Aroma” brand of roasting and grinding coffee since 2011, specializing in roasting, grinding, and boxing coffee, “AROMA” has been able to confirm its position in the Algerian market, in a brief circumstance amid momentum from brands.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story.

ROMA Coffee From its brand name shows its focus on taste quality, it means flavor, And as a product, Aroma coffee is a high-quality title, an embodiment of its owner’s distant future vision. to make it a reference for coffee among Algerians, whose goal is not to reach the summit but to stay there. That’s why he’s picking out the finest coffee from Latin America and Asia, To translate it into a premium coffee cup takes its sip away to dive into the world of quality and enjoy the authentic taste that made the brand take its place in the market during a record period.

What is innovative or unique about this pack?

I noticed that abstract shapes are not used yet as a concept in this field, so I used the geometric shapes as main symbols then we shaped them in a crossed form to illustrate the intimate relationship between people.

The manual design was done with a pencil and then Rapid to be digitalized in the final stages with changes to make the packaging simple, stylish and eye-catching by combining simple pagination and using special fonts.

The use of black and gold colouring was my desire, in which illustration was more prominent and a challenge for me, as he scrutinized the radius of creativity.

What challenges did you have to overcome to create this pack?

The brief for this project is to make a simple coffee bag to looks different and luxurious on shelves.

My job was to create a symbols that represent abstract shapes, exclusive and imposing personality. These symbols were accompanied by resources that enhance the concept of exclusivity, luxury, and selection, as was the color black and gold, patterns and textures shaped by distinctive symbols of square and triangles used by them as are the illustration.

What reactions have you had from your consumers?

When I published the concept in the social media groups they reacted with a wow reaction and also like the design they wish to see it soon in the Algeria Markets.

Also, my design was featured in the international site WORLDBRANDESIGN and got thousands of views and more likes.

A few months after the redesign I checked in to see how things were going. I reported an increase in customer understanding of the product line and more importantly an increase in sales. This is a clear demonstration of how well researched, message-based package design can directly influence sales and grow your business.

AGENCY: Bobismail

LAUNCH DATE: Non-published

PLACE: Algeria

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