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Established in 2000, Stella Pharm is now one of Vietnam’s leading generics manufacturers and distribution for hospitals, pharmacies and sells all types of hundreds prescription and non-prescription drugs and consumer health care products.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story.

The pharma market in Vietnam has grown sharply, and it is getting more and more competitive.

Small, big brands and foreign brands keep entering the market; Stella needs a strong brand presence by establishing its own identity and needs a better reflect the business and opportunities to break into global export markets.

The packaging has to help show the 12 different system product categories.

They needed to feel distinctive, modern, bold to stand out in a landscape flooded with pharmacy stores.

How does the design express the brand’s values?

Our approach is driven by the transform process model in the strategic platform through solid and in-depth research and carefully balancing brand strategy and creative strategy, we define what’s unique about the brand, product, and value and then translate core unique traits into meaningful designed and artful expressions visual that inspire people, elicit actions and connect.

What inspired the design?

The core value of Stella represents the brand’s attitude and conviction toward customers. Through solid and in-depth research, Stella approaches to resolving customers’ diseases concerns drug treatment to give honest efficacy and change from deep within human organ systems.

We developed the central design concept of treatment and regenerative that reflects those diseases by applying treating methods by using microscopic pictures of the diseases as a sample and illustrating the healing process.

We create the geometric language to design visual patterns that let us be bold with abstract reflects the concept of human organ systems, drug treatment to create a key visual system for 12 different categories with conceptual graphics in geometric forms.

Each category key visual reflects the concept of human organ systems: joints and bones, cells, microbes, immune system, genetic chromosomes, neurological, stomach, and their operations show how products help cure diseases.

What is innovative or unique about the pack?

We developed a clear positioning identity for the brand, becoming the “treatment and regenerative” this became the guiding principle for creating the visual and packaging system.

Structural design provides a good surface area in which to deploy graphic motifs improving the clarifying and consistent packaging contents, helping the pharmacists ease categorizing, and distinguishing different doses.

Furthermore, the systematic layout grid also promotes flexibility when applied to different sizes and products, from boxes, jars, tubes, and blisters.

The colour palette system is also composed to distinguish different types of this massive medicine system.

We helped define the new packaging, a forward-looking brand with research, science, and technology at its heart, and the purpose of creating hope and a better future for people.

All products are packed in bright, striking packaging, where each category has its colour. The focus is on the ”human organ systems & transformation system” and is consistently displayed in various patterns to demonstrate the effect of the products visually.

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry requires to be produced at the cheapest cost to focus on optimizing the cost of selling the most affordable product to everyone, so the paper material used needs to be popular and safe for printing production and maintaining quality.
Supplies that are locally available, where production is cheap will often win the race due to economic considerations.

What reactions have you had from consumers?

The design uses an abstract visual to show the cure diseases process. Thus, customers easily recognize the medicines; however, they do not feel negative about using them.

They are instantly recognizable in a landscape flooded with pharmacy stores selling drugs with competitors.

And a medicine packaging with a design attracts that reminds people to take their medicine on time.

So many people loved it when they saw it on the internet and on websites, and they came to the pharmacy stores asking for that drug product.

AGENCY: Bratus Agency, Jimmi Tuan – Creative Director & Founder

PLACE: Vietnam

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