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A zero-breakage, square bottle design to disrupt and excite the e-Commerce market.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story.

“We’re here to irrevocably disrupt the drinks industry…”

“We’re here to innovate and challenge the status quo.”

“We come with inspiration from fashion, beauty, design and technology.”

“Introducing energy and spirit from different creative sources.”

“We progress through courage & experimentation.”

“We’ve noticed that times need to change. So we’re changing them.”

“Our brand is our hero. It always will be. We explore. We dare. And we remain forever curious.”

How does the design express the brand’s values?

The entire range is made with superfoods, responding to the wellness growth in this segment and is made for “today’s 3.0 consumer”

It has its own bottle shape for an ergonomic and safe packaging structure & shipping in e-Commerce, stackable bottles to maximize space and recycled glass delivering 25% less waste whilst embracing imperfections and slight colour variations.


MATCH Indian reveals an innovative subtle lemongrass & juniper aroma that maximises mixability as delicious on its own.


A true representation of the Mediterranean with tastes of sage, basil & rosemary.

This tonic flavour is performing as the #1 best seller in leading e-Commerce marketplaces


Rounding off with 2 innovative SKU’s; Floral is crafted with açai & jasmine flowers, to support the trend of pink gins and low abv Spritz.


MATCH Spicy becomes the hottest mixer, crafted with red chilli and pepper to match dark and agave spirits in long drinks.


All of our flavours come in a 4-pack that combines hyper-efficient design for e-Commerce and powerful visibility on the retail shelf environment.

With their space-enhancing 4-pack Grocer, it is reported to increase the number of products on shelves with an average of +20%

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