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Makaria was born with the need to create quality fresh frozen pasta, and at the same time in a sustainable way.

When the Greeks founded Naples, they adopted a dish made by the natives, which consisted of a paste made from flour and water, which was then dried in the sun. It is the story of our Makaria brand, honest and organic pasta

The result is a packaging that stands out visually, due to its design, based on the paintings and engravings so characteristic that ancient Greek amphorae had, and that stand out for their strong contrast of colors and shapes.

The container comes from wheat straw, which is the main agricultural residue, which is not used as food and is 100% biodegradable.

Each product contains a characteristic shape, associated with the type of pasta.

These illustrations make up an iconic visual system, with which the range of products can be expanded.

Creative Direction: Alvaro García y Clara Vendrell

Design: Alvaro García

3D artist: Clara Vendrell

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