This September at London Packaging Week, be inspired by a packaging expert turned glass blower. 

London Packaging Week 2022 aims to encompass a wider picture of Packaging, and the greater impact the industry can have on the world. From production to user experience and everything in between, we are the ultimate destination for manufacturers, brands, designers, scientists, technologists, CEOs of all industries to pinpoint their packaging strategies and ultimately define their brand and company mission.  
This broad vision is a beautiful introduction to a member of the packaging community who has contributed over 30 years to packaging development and solutions and has now developed her own story, by turning her hand to Glass Blowing; expressing the importance of materials through Art.  

We are so excited to present this talented individual, and the creative aspects of packaging at London Packaging Week, and have no doubt that Alison’s journey and pieces will inspire many in their own journey.

Alison caught up with Easyfairs to say a few words about her upcoming exhibition at the show: 

I’m excited to exhibit my glass art at Easyfairs London Packaging Week 2022. 

This will be a display of some of my iconic handcrafted glass featuring works which will have been part of a BBC1 TV series Make It At Market to be aired this autumn on both BBC1 and BritBox.

Exhibiting my work at Easyfairs London Packaging Week brings my career in Packaging, and my glass artwork full circle in a great continuum, as I was one of the first exhibitors with Easyfairs during my many years at AVA packaging solutions as the Managing Director.

After being at the top of my game in my packaging career spanning over 30 years, including almost 20 running AVA packaging solutions, a packaging design, development, and project management consultancy and working for some of the world’s top brands and helping start-ups, I fell in love with hot glass in 2012 and changed course to become a glass artist. 

Much of my work is inspired by my expeditions and experiences to remote wilderness locations and seeing the icy mountains, icebergs and oceans. I hand-create statement art glass inspired by my encounters in remote and pristine wild nature using glass and unexpected techniques. 

I love being in extreme wildernesses – especially oceans and ocean life, mountains, ice and sailing or diving. Places like Antarctica where I have sailed, dived with penguins, humpbacks, and icebergs, kayaked, and camped and the Arctic where I have sailed, swam with orca and spotted whales from ribs in rough seas. 

When I make my ice-inspired work, I plunge the 1100°C glass into cold water to crackle and frazzle the surface and give the appearance of ice and fissures.  I then hit it with a hammer to knock off pieces and create crevices and ice erosion effects!  Not your usual techniques with glass for me! 

These big expanses of nature give me a sense of adventure and exhilaration and being there is a real privilege. Vast, rugged landscapes make me feel very small but connected with this world. I am concerned about their fragile future and want to raise awareness, so others care and protect them too. 

Glassblowing is the hardest thing I have ever done! It’s challenging, expensive, addictive and satisfying. My making process can be dramatic and is part of my overall enjoyment.”

Experience Alison’s work in person, whilst exploring the visceral connection to her experiences in packaging, with hundreds of packaging suppliers, three stages of influential speakers, plus many more features such as the Pentawards Design Showcase, this September 21 & 22 at London Olympia.

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