English Tea Shop – FROM FARM TO CUP

Using sustainable storytelling to unlock the new premium

Nick Dorman, Managing Director, of Echo says: “In years past, ‘premium’ products were typically defined by heavy materials, elaborate designs, and gilt coatings. These were perceived as hallmarks of quality, craftsmanship, and exclusiveness. Now, with the increase in demand for ethical products, perceptions of what should define ‘premium’ and ‘luxury’ are changing. Sustainability has now become a symbol of an inclusive and democratic expression of luxury and is integral to a brand’s appeal the socially conscious consumer. This shift is particularly evident in the tea category. English Tea Shop has integrated ethical and sustainable sourcing and production to be a core part of their brand identity and design. Connecting with their customers from farm to cup, they have harnessed the power of bold storytelling to enrich their branding – a tactic adopted by luxury brands whose discerning client base desire reassurances of provenance and artisanal processes around the products they enjoy.”

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