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October’s newsletter round up of the latest inspirational and thought provoking packaging designs. 


BlackInkProjects say:  


“We always wanted to manipulate mycelium material, push it further then anyone else had. We felt it needed to make sense and feel right for the right or particular project. 

@blackinkprojects worked with @magicalmshroom to push this material & process further then ever dreamed of 💭. 

@mrbailey Ozlucent & Ozmorphis was the perfect setting to house something in this mesmerising mushroom 🍄. 

After over half a year of testing we finally got to a structure we were happy with. 📦 

Knowing that these very limited edition pieces would be admired and hopefully kept – we desired to embed an NFC chip just under the surface or ‘MR’ in the MRBAILEY blind debossed logo.”




adidas Originals and MRBAILEY Announce their Collaborative Partnership


London Packaging Week partner, the PENTAWARDS Beverages Platinum winner:

Premium Canned Cocktails by Offff, Netherlands.


Williams Canteen is a bar that became instantly more innovative the second COVID induced a lockdown. The bar created six high-quality cocktails served in a can to keep its clients happy. Offff developed the packaging design, and the result is six stunning labels, evocative of the bar’s stylish and genuine philosophy.


CONTACT:  Williams Cocktails – Branding & Packaging (


Guerlain invited Tunisian calligrapher Inkman to merge Eastern and Western artistic traditions for the brand’s latest limited-edition bee bottle fragrance. Parisian jeweler Goossens brought Inkman’s design to life.


LVMH-owned Guerlain aimed to bring together two art forms, French perfumery and Arabic calligraphy, for a 2022 limited-edition: the bee bottle by Inkman. Tunisian calligrapher Inkman designed the adornment for the one-liter bottle (Pochet du Courval), which was executed by Parisian jeweler Goossens.


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