Coca-Cola adds NaviLens coding to packs to help visually impaired shoppers

A new Christmas on-pack promotion from Coca-Cola will feature the NaviLens app to help blind and partially sighted consumers.

The pilot will be the first time the technology has been used by a beverage company. NaviLens has previously been rolled out by Kellogg’s. NaviLens is similar to a QR code but can be detected in a fraction of the time and up to three meters away. A smartphone can detect the optic, and playback information to the user.

Martin Attock, vice-president commercial development at CCEP GB, said: “We are proud to be working with NaviLens this year to make our packs and the Coca-Cola brand more inclusive so everyone can enjoy their favourite beverage. This technology is making a huge difference to as many as two million people in the UK who are currently visually impaired.”

Using NaviLens on their products will help:

  • Customers with visual impairments
  • Customers with limited reading abilities
  • Customers whose first language isn’t English
  • Customers who have dietary and allergen restrictions

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