Packaging waste regulations: How to prepare for extended producer responsibility

From January 1st 2023, all businesses that deal with packaging must start tracking their activity due to new waste regulations. Here’s why – and how…

The way UK organisations responsible for packaging must carry out their recycling responsibilities is changing.

All businesses, from SMEs to parent companies, are expected to submit data on their empty packaging and packaged goods from the beginning of 2023, according to new packaging waste regulations.

Whether you sell products in packaging with a logo, transit products in containers to prevent damage, or even hire and loan plastic packaging, it’s important you are clued up on what’s expected.

From January 1st 2023, all qualifying businesses must collect data on the materials they use and how, and the waste that these packaging materials create. This information should then be submitted between January and April 2024.

An annual fee, which is paid to the environmental regulator, will be calculated based on the type of materials you have reported. Your fee will be lower if you use materials that are easier to recycle.


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