FMCG News – ASDA Replaces Coloured Milk Bottle Tops to Reuse Over 200 Million

ASDA implements clear caps instead of coloured caps for all own-brand fresh milk varieties

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving the recyclability of its packaging, Asda has introduced a significant change related to the use of Extreme-Density Polythene (rHDPE) in milk bottle manufacturing. This change has opened up the opportunity to recycle 268 tonnes of rHDPE, which can now be transformed into new milk bottles. Additionally, this modification will result in the yearly recycling of 207 million plastic milk caps.

The switch to natural-colored caps is the primary factor driving this change. These caps can be easily recycled and reintegrated into the production of food grade packaging, differentiating them from the green, blue, and pink caps. The clear bottle caps, which contain 30% recycled materials, are specifically designed for recycling purposes and can be transformed into food packaging once again. Asda has collaborated with Arla, the largest dairy cooperative in the UK, to implement this change across its stores, starting from June. Yeo Valley’s fresh milk will also undergo this transition. Customers will be able to identify the various milk types through the colored labels on all milk bottles.

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