FMCG News – Mars Wrigley reinforces recyclability focus with paper chocolate bar wrapper trials in UK

Mars is trialling recyclable paper packaging for its candy bars in 500 Tesco stores across the UK since last Monday.

In a groundbreaking initiative for the UK, the food giant is conducting a pilot test to assess the feasibility of using alternative packaging materials instead of its usual plastic wrappers.

Having recently achieved carbon neutrality through a combination of carbon credits and emission reductions, Mars is now keen on understanding consumer responses to the introduction of paper wrappers. The company will use this feedback to guide its future expansion plans.

Mars acknowledges that traditional plastic wrappers cannot be easily recycled, and therefore, it believes that adopting paper wrappers will significantly enhance the environmental friendliness of its bars’ packaging. To reduce the use of virgin plastics by a third in the short term, Mars is investing a substantial amount of “hundreds of millions of pounds.”

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