Mondelez Launches Recycling and Sustainability Messages Through On-Pack QR Codes

Mondelez International has introduced “Snacking Right,” an innovative initiative featuring on-pack QR codes in Australia to promote recycling, sustainable sourcing, and mindful snacking. These QR codes offer consumers valuable information on recycling and packaging disposal, along with insights into Mondelez’s sustainability efforts.

The rollout of these QR codes commenced in July, initially appearing on Cadbury chocolate products, with plans to extend this concept to other brands and products in the future. Mondelez envisions this platform evolving alongside return-to-store programs and local recycling infrastructure, providing consumers with increasingly relevant recycling solutions.

One of the standout features of Snacking Right is its spotlight on Cadbury’s commitment to sustainability, particularly their pioneering Cadbury Dairy Milk wrapped in 30% recycled content. This innovative packaging is a testament to Mondelez’s efforts to support a circular packaging economy.

Darren O’Brien, the Australia president at Mondelez International, expressed the company’s mission: “Our goal is to build a more sustainable snacking company in Australia, by providing consumers with clear recycling and disposal information.” He emphasized the uniqueness of Snacking Right as Mondelez’s own digital solution to engage consumers and demonstrate the importance of reducing environmental impact.

Moreover, the platform introduces consumers to Mindful Snacking, a concept developed in collaboration with behavioural scientists and eating experts. It equips chocolate lovers with tools and activities to indulge more mindfully and attentively, enhancing the overall snacking experience.

Mondelez International doesn’t stop at packaging; the platform delves into sustainable sourcing practices. Consumers can learn about the dairy farming families supplying fresh milk to Cadbury, like Darren Fielding and his family, who have been contributing to Cadbury’s legacy for three generations.

Fielding shared his pride, stating, “With the QR code now on-pack, Aussies can learn a little bit more about us, our history, and the role we play in creating such iconic products.”

Snacking Right also highlights Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life program, which aims to transform the lives of cocoa farmers and create stronger cocoa-growing communities. This multifaceted platform seeks to educate and engage consumers about the company’s commitment to sustainability, making Australia a testing ground for Mondelez’s innovative approach to smart packaging solutions.

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