Guerlain celebrates The Art of Happiness with Maison Matisse

The French luxury brand Guerlain, which is part of LVMH, has added a unique addition to its Exceptional Creations line with the launch of the limited edition Bee Bottle. 

This exquisite piece was crafted in collaboration with Maison Matisse and features intricate hand-painted details by the talented artist, Astrid de Chaillé. Dubbed The Art of Happiness, the Matisse collaboration also includes a new fragrance within the brand’s L’Art & La Matière collection and a scented candle.


Guerlain has teamed up with Maison Matisse to bring us “The Art of Happiness”, a project that showcases the iconic Bee Bottle in a new light. The bottle, now transformed with vibrant hues, embodies the artistic expressions of painting, music, and fragrance. Its design is a nod to Henri Matisse’s masterpiece, “La Musique”, serving as a source of inspiration for the intricate decor.


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