Criteria and FAQs

All you need to know about entering the London Packaging Week Innovation Awards


What are the judges looking for?

The judges are looking for the latest and greatest branded products and innovations available to the UK public market over the past year between 25 May 2023 and 24 May 2024. This includes:

  • Transformative, technical or process driven innovations.
  • Innovation linked to the consumer experience.
  • Emotional connection and brand expression.
  • Quality of packaging perceived.
  • Sustainable and Environmental adherence.

This ensures our judges are looking at the most recent, products and projects available. To help you enter and to assist the judges assessment of your products, we have a put a list of 4 key areas to focus on when submitting your entry they are listed below.

It’s important to note, that after you have submitted your entry online, you will have to send a sample of the product to be assessed by our industry leading jury ay the in-person Judging Day. Once you submit your entry, you will be emailed the full address of where you should send the samples and a deadline for us to receive your product(s).

Technological Innovation

Shifting the dial and demonstrating meaningful impact via technology, including (but not restricted to) change in use of materials, smart and meaningful integration of technology in the pack, increased manufacturing/distribution efficiency or improved trade performance (including e-commerce).

perfume tester kit


Our judges will asses projects that have made a significant impact through design excellence. Including having involved exceptional creativity, breaking conventional aesthetics/function paradigms, and unique craftsmanship to achieve an exceptional outcome.

Premium packaging jukebox design

Consumer Experience

Delivering a significant shift in consumer experience, creating memorable experiences and enhancing brand perception within a project or product. This packaging delights consumers in new ways, meaningfully improving product experience in-use, and demonstrating incorporation of a deep understanding of the fundamental customer needs and preferences in its design (aesthetics, functionality, personalisation, etc.)

Whiskey glass bottle packaging design

Sustainability Impact

Projects that have addressed significant sustainability constraints, applying best eco-conception practices, and made a meaningful measurable impact, through responsible use of packaging and improvements on ESG goals.

Bottles six pack cardboard packaging

Frequently asked questions

The Innovation Awards celebrate the best innovations in the UK packaging industry. Launching for the first time this year, it will bring together 12 judges from different backgrounds and expertise in the world of luxury, beauty, drinks, and FMCG who will assess your product and put you in the running to win.

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Brands of products!

If you’re a supplier or a designer and you’d like to put a brand forward, you can most certainly apply as well, but, it must be with the consent of a brand, and should you win, someone from the brand must come on stage with the supplier or design agency to receive the prize.  

Entries close on Friday 17 May. You will also need to send us a sample of your product to our offices in Twickenham by Friday 31 May.

Yes! There is no limit on how many products you can enter. Increase your chance of winning by submitting more products. 

No – the Innovation Awards is a free-to-enter competition. 

The products you submit need to be available to the public in the UK market between 25th May 2023 and 24th May 2024. Anything that’s not available will not be accepted. 

The awards are judged by an independent panel of industry professional from leading brands who are looking for:

  • Transformative, technical or process driven innovations
  • Innovation linked to the consumer experience.
  • Emotional connection and brand expression
  • Quality of packaging perceived.
  • Sustainable and environmentally conscious 

The finalists will be announced in early August.

The winners will be announced on day 2 of London Packaging Week on Thursday 12 September at the Luxury Stage from 13.15 – 14.15.


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