Drive your innovation at London Packaging Week with talks on three focused stages

Your packaging challenges solved through engaging talks

London Packaging Week will bring a broad range of the UK’s leading packaging and brand experts together to help address the key issues that we face collectively, today.

From increasing sustainability, harnessing innovative materials, and optimising e-commerce operations to designing outstanding packaging, these key obstacles and trending topics are all covered in the free-to-attend talks! With stages designed to focus on the vertical markets of beauty & drinks, food, fashion and other luxury categories, and a range of topics at each, you’re sure to find a session relevant to your business strategy. 

Explore the 2022 Programme

Hear from experts at:

Three focused stages

Luxury stage

Explore the impact of evolving consumer behaviour on packaging innovations at the Luxury Stage, where leading luxury lifestyle firms and premium market pioneers deliver enlightening talks on the latest industry trends.

Beauty & Drinks stage

Elevate your future packaging strategy for premium drinks and cosmetics at the Beauty and Drinks Stage, where pioneering companies transforming the packaging industry offer invaluable insights and guidance.

Food & Consumer Pack stage

Delve into discussions about future packaging trends for everyday food and FMCG products at the Food and Consumer Pack Stage, where key players and organisations spearheading these advancements are highlighted and explored.

2023 Speaker Gallery

Key sessions

Pentawards Capital of Design sessions

Pentawards presents insights from agencies in the world’s design capital: London.

The leading global platform and community for packaging design are collaborating with London Packaging week to host a series of six talks on 21st September at London Olympia which will focus the spotlight on the latest and hottest design trends that the capital has to offer.

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What's on across the four shows

What can I see at the Paris Packaging Week Talks?


Check out game-changing packs in the Innovation Gallery, highlighting the best new products and packs from over 180 exhibitors – inspiring you to create the perfect packaging.

Alison Vincent Glass Showcase

At the entrance of the event, you’ll find the incredible collection of Alison Vincent’s hand blown statement glass creations. All handmade in Britain, Alison uses glass as an art form to capture impressive details from the fragility of nature.


Be inspired and discover the world’s best packaging design at the Pentawards exhibit – featuring winners of the world’s biggest packaging design contest.

Awards Gallery

Feast your eyes on the winners from the Paris Packaging Week PCD & PLD awards, and check out the best of the best.

Networking Drinks

Take advantage of a whole host of networking opportunities at the event! Sit back, relax and meet the designer, supplier or partner who will make your next project a reality at the Prosecco Bar or in our other networking areas.

Don’t forget to join us at the Networking Drinks 5-7 pm on day one, raise a glass with your colleagues and piers!

"My main reason for being here today was to hear the talks, some really good speakers had some really interesting topics to discuss, so I had to check them out. They were very informative and engaging"
Alex Howard
Dominos, Product & Process Technologist
Luxury stage at London packaging week 2023

London packaging week

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