Bacardi Breakthrough: World’s First Hydrogen-Fueled Glass Spirits Bottle Hits the Shelves

Innovative Partnership with Hrastnik1860 Reduces GHG Emissions and Sets a New Standard for Sustainable Glass Production

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Bacardi has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in collaboration with premium glassmaker Hrastnik1860, completing the “first” commercial production of a glass spirits bottle fueled by hydrogen. This innovative trial involved powering a glass furnace with hydrogen as the primary energy source, effectively reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with traditional glass bottle production.

The trial, which produced 150,000 70cl glass bottles, saw hydrogen contributing over 60% of the fuel for the glass furnace, resulting in a significant 30% reduction in GHG emissions, according to the partnership. The technology was tested on the St-Germain elderflower liqueur bottle, ensuring that the hydrogen-fueled bottle maintains an identical appearance to those produced using conventional methods.

Rodolfo Nervi, Vice President of Safety, Quality, and Sustainability for Bacardi, highlighted the company’s commitment to environmental best practices, stating, “Piloting this lower carbon glass production is another example of Bacardi leading the industry in environmental best practice. We will take the learnings from the trial to help shape a pathway to hydrogen-fueled glass production and create a blueprint for others to follow.”

The CEO of Hrastnik1860, Peter Čas, expressed satisfaction with the achievement, noting, “Successfully producing lower emission, premium glass bottles at a commercial scale, with absolutely no compromise on quality, has made all the hard work worthwhile.” He emphasized the joint commitment of Bacardi and Hrastnik1860 to develop innovations that lower emissions while maintaining premium quality.

Bacardi, in its pursuit of becoming the most environmentally responsible global spirits company, continues to invest in innovations and explore opportunities to use pioneering technology. The hydrogen-fueled glass bottle represents a significant step towards achieving the company’s ultimate goal of Net Zero, showcasing the potential for the spirits industry to lead positive environmental change.

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