Ardagh Glass and Olly Alexander Unveil Absolut Mosaik: A Limited Edition Vodka Bottled Masterpiece

Fusing Artistry and Innovation in a Vibrant Tribute to Collective Harmony

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Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe has joined forces with multifaceted British artist Olly Alexander to craft the stunning limited edition Absolut Mosaik vodka bottle. Renowned for his prowess as a singer, songwriter, actor, and social activist, Alexander brings his unique vision to this collaboration.

Available in both 70cl and 1-litre sizes, these glass bottles boast an alluring ribbed design intricately embedded within the glass itself. The focal point is a concave label area adorned with a striking mosaic motif, proudly showcasing the iconic Absolut branding.

Employing sophisticated 3D software, Ardagh meticulously fashioned a series of ribs and fins that gracefully contour the bottle’s surface. To ensure a seamless transition across the bottle’s part line, sculptured embossing techniques were deftly applied.

Commenting on the innovative design process, Katharina Chemnitz, Europe Product Designer, explains, “The front label, which is the main print area for the mosaic design, originally stood out from the bottle, making it a potential contact point on the production line. To accommodate this challenge, the label area was carefully engineered within a concave, curved surface, framed perfectly by the surrounding rib design.”

Deb Dasgupta, global vice president marketing for Absolut Vodka, lauds the collaboration, stating, “The vibrant, colourful bottle designed by the formidable Olly Alexander is the perfect embodiment of this, and how we’re all part of a greater whole in society.”

With its captivating blend of artistry and functionality, the Absolut Mosaik bottle promises to captivate consumers and elevate the drinking experience to new heights.

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