Introducing Serena Williams’ Wyn Beauty: Empowering Beauty for Every Lifestyle

Clean Cosmetics for Effortless Self-Expression and Confidence

Introducing Serena Williams' Wyn Beauty: Empowering Beauty for Every Lifestyle

Tennis legend Serena Williams has stepped into the world of clean cosmetics with the launch of her brand, Wyn Beauty. Dubbed as ‘make-up you can move in,’ the collection ranges 91 shades across 10 products designed for eyes, lips, and face.

Each product and shade is imbued with personal affirmations, reflecting Williams’ ethos of self-expression and empowerment. The distinctive chartreuse packaging, chosen to embody the athlete’s energy and determination, sets Wyn Beauty apart. Exclusive to Ulta Beauty stores, the brand aims to offer inclusive beauty solutions for all.

Williams’ inspiration stems from her personal journey, where she sought makeup that could endure hours on the court yet remain flawless. As a busy professional balancing her career and family life, she envisioned makeup that could transition seamlessly from morning meetings to quality time with her kids. Wyn Beauty embodies this vision, offering products that adapt to the dynamic lifestyles of modern individuals.

In her own words, Williams expresses her excitement about introducing Wyn Beauty, emphasizing the brand’s mission to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty effortlessly. With a commitment to quality, inclusivity, and versatility, Wyn Beauty promises to redefine beauty standards and inspire confidence in every wearer.

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