Nestlé’s Maggi cuts plastic waste, one mug at a time

How Maggi’s innovative packaging redefines sustainability in instant noodles

Maggi, a brand under Nestlé, has recently introduced a novel approach to reduce plastic waste with its new packaging for noodles. The innovative Maggi Mug Noodle format allows consumers to prepare their noodles in a mug instead of the traditional plastic cup. This initiative is a significant step towards cutting down on plastic pollution, with each serving using 83% less plastic packaging compared to conventional Maggi Cup Noodles.

The decision to transition to this new packaging stemmed from Nestlé’s commitment to reducing its use of virgin plastic. Research revealed that a majority of noodle consumers in Australia prefer to enjoy their noodles in a bowl or mug rather than the plastic cup. This insight prompted Nestlé to rethink its packaging strategy and explore sustainable alternatives while maintaining convenience.

Unlike the “reuse” or “recycle” approaches, Nestlé opted for “reduce” as the focus for this project to align with its broader sustainability goals. The company aims to decrease its use of virgin plastic by a third by 2025, and the introduction of the Maggi Mug Noodle packaging contributes significantly to this objective.

In addition to reducing plastic waste, Nestlé also emphasises proper recycling practices. The new packaging includes on-pack recycling instructions to guide consumers on recycling the components appropriately.


Initial consumer response to the new packaging has been positive, reflecting growing consumer concern about plastic pollution. Nestlé remains committed to its overarching packaging sustainability goals, striving for 95% of its plastic packaging to be designed for recycling by 2025.

Looking ahead, Nestlé plans to continue exploring innovative packaging solutions to further reduce waste while maintaining product quality and convenience. As the company progresses towards a waste-free future, it will prioritise cleverly designed packaging and innovative materials to minimise environmental impact.

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