E45 skincare revamp: redefining packaging for modern skin care

Innovative design partnership with Elmwood breathes new life into iconic brand heritage

E45 skincare revamp: redefining packaging for modern skin care

Elmwood, a leading design agency, has collaborated with skincare brand E45 to unveil a transformative packaging redesign, aimed at modernising its iconic heritage. The revamped packaging boasts a refined brand mark, an updated colour palette, new iconography, pack visuals, and a fresh pattern library.

This redesign journey incorporates newly developed photography principles, celebrating the diverse spectrum of consumer skin tones and conditions. Embracing a forward-thinking approach, the new branding reimagines skin cells as visual building blocks, symbolising the path to healthy and confident skin. Leveraging E45’s rebalanced logo, these cells are adaptable across various applications, reflecting versatility and innovation.

Rob Dyer, Associate Creative Director at Elmwood London, emphasises the significance of E45’s recognisable cell-shaped logo, serving as a cornerstone for the new design identity. The dynamic nature of skin cells allows for interactive storytelling, fostering engagement and inclusivity.

Kyle Whybrow, Executive Creative Director at Elmwood London, underscores the brand’s commitment to catering to a diverse customer base with complex skincare needs. The design strategy strikes a balance between scientific expertise and everyday usability, ensuring a friendly and inclusive brand experience.

Steve Binding, Global Head of Design and Creative at E45’s parent brand Karo Healthcare, applauds Elmwood’s innovative concept of the ‘building blocks of skin,’ praising its adaptability and seamless integration across marketing channels. This collaboration signifies a bold step towards redefining skincare packaging for the modern consumer, rooted in inclusivity and scientific excellence.

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