FMCG News – Post-pandemic food delivery: Just Eat Takeaway talks e-commerce packaging future

Food delivery rose to an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be popular among consumers in the post-pandemic world, according to Jaz Rabadia, global head of responsible business and sustainability at Just Eat Takeaway. 

Innova Market Insights found in 2022 that the COVID-19 pandemic influenced consumers’ home food delivery behaviour. Twenty-two percent of global consumers say food delivery increased slightly and 14% indicated it had risen “greatly.” 

Rabadia agrees with these findings and says that during the pandemic, there was a “huge” increase in demand for food delivery because of various lockdowns. “Society is now in a place where it continues to recover from the pandemic with people returning to the office and restaurants reopening.”

“Although the company saw a temporary lull in growth in 2022, Just Eat Takeaway is now twice the size it was pre-pandemic, after two years of exceptional growth – we believe the trend for online food delivery is here to stay,” she tells PackagingInsights.  

However, Innova Market Insights also found that more than half of global consumers (58%) said they would return to normal grocery shopping habits post-pandemic.

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