Advanced Track & Trace

Advanced Track & Trace

As a major brand protection player, Advanced Track and Trace Company presents its overt and covert anti-counterfeit solutions, per unit traceability with aggregation, grey market monitoring, tampering detection and CRM.
Advanced Track & Trace® has worked with authorities, international groups and small companies to tackle illicit trade: wines and spirits, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, spare parts, food, luxury…
With almost 20 years of experience in the authentication and identification of physical supports and secure traceability, Advanced Track & Trace® serves its markets with full knowledge of their needs in order to elaborate the best strategies and to build the most suitable solutions. Specialized in the integration of digital technologies applied to the printing/marking of physical supports, and their remote use, Advanced Track & Trace® offers sustainable, value-creating, security-enforcing solutions to its clients based on highest level science R&D program.


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