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An ultra-premium pack, designed and engineered to house a 1kg, solid gold replica of the iconic, World Cup trophy, the black, wooden display case, of which just 50 were made, commemorates the world’s most prestigious football tournament and the most widely-viewed single sporting event globally.

Communicating quality at every touchpoint, the case is opened by means of a custom, gold twist latch closure on the front of the box which forms an attractive feature in itself.

Two gold, stainless-steel handles are located on either side of each door, with high-tech door runners allowing the doors to slide open from the centre smoothly and symmetrically, amplifying the impact of the reveal.

A gold, stainless-steel plaque located towards the inner base of the case features laser branding detail. All edging is finished in black matt varnish.

The inner back panel of the case is comprised of two layers – acrylic and black tempered glass – complete with gold electroform decals that depict Qatar WC 2022, soccer-related iconography, juxtaposed with bold geometric symbols. The trophy itself is snugly encased in an EVA fitment covered in an elegantly-stitched, rich, beige suede fabric.

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