Wave2cc is the new lock-up 2cc atmospheric dispenser within Berry’s Personal Care product portfolio.

It is fully recyclable, e-commerce and shower proof. With superb flexibility by handling all kinds of product’s viscosities, it is the perfect solution for products such as liquid soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash among others.

Consumer testing showed that its precise dosage control and non drip / no residue was really popular. They could tell it is a quality product and well made, with easy to use “actuator” (the bit you press down) . Because it is 100% plastic, they were all clear that it can be recycled, and welcomed its clarity.

The Berry Global B Circular Range are an innovative range of packaging and product solutions that leverages our engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design for circularity to reduce products’ impact on the environment, focusing on helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals

As part of the Berry BCircular range, it delivers improved recyclability, supports refill/reuse and includes the option for using recycled plastic from Berry CleanStream rPP site at Leamington Spa.

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