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Booster S all plastic trigger spray with concentrate refill pack

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The trigger delivers an enhanced user experience for consumers by dispensing 2ml of product per spray action compared to the 1.2ml for most triggers, making it ideal for larger spray areas, with exceptionally consistent droplet size and spray direction.

Its ergonomic design provides improved hand support, meaning minimum force is required to activate the trigger helping to avoid finger fatigue.

The non-drip trigger can handle a wide variety of spray and foamer formulations, ideal for any cleaning product.

Another point that demonstrates it being designed for the consumer is the intelligent dip tube placement maximises evacuation of the bottle to allow full use of the contents.

The trigger can be combined with a wide variety of different bottle shapes, including 500ml and 750ml.

The Booster-S is just one part of how Berry supports the circular economy,. If consumers opt to through it away, the 100% plastic content shows it is designed to be recycled. That said it is engineered to be support re-use. When combined with our new concentrate refill, brand can supply a united sustainable offering. The concentrate refill has been designed to work with the same range of bottles as the Booster-S and enable consumers to stay with the favourite brand while supporting the circular economy.

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