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For over 35 Years, Knoll Packaging has continued to deliver the highest level of innovation, technical expertise, and quality in luxury packaging. The world’s most prestigious brands trust Knoll with the highest quality and most difficult technical constructions, printing techniques, first-to-market designs, and sustainable materials. At the head of Knoll’s UK operations is James Kendall, who is bringing expanded capabilities to life in the UK already with Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s and Nyetimber. The future of Knoll Packaging is here, as Knoll is reshaping the definition of sustainability in luxury packaging, by eliminating plastics, and a commitment to recyclability and European Production.

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Since the launch of Knoll Social Responsibly (KSR) in 2018, Knoll formalized its commitment to sustainability. Based on a materiality analysis and to meet its sustainability development goals (SDGs), KSR encompasses not only office operations but also extends to our supply chain and customers. This includes Knoll receiving FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification and a commitment to produce 100% FSC-certified packaging. Knoll also rated EcoVadis Gold standard (top 5%) and has on-going participation in the United Nations Global Compact. Knoll has been named a UNGC Lead Participant for 3 consecutive years for its high level of engagement and is the only packaging company to be recognized for this achievement.

Through this leadership in sustainability and commitment to reduce environmental impact and lead times, Knoll announced a strategic commercial partnership with Albertini Packaging Group (APG) that brings Knoll’s quality production from Asia to Europe. Knoll developed proprietary machinery that is automated with technical upgrades that have never been achieved before in Europe. Through the partnership with APG, this will allow Knoll to achieve its regionalization goals, and completely change the quality of packaging available to be manufactured in Europe. The first European-produced coffrets are currently in production and will launch in 2023.

In addition to its new European production, Knoll is using design innovation to eliminate plastics and create a better world through design innovation. Over the last 5 years, Knoll has implemented Knoll Ecoform molded pulp to remove plastics from its supply chain and introduced 100% molded pulp packaging solutions. This year, Knoll will also begin offering European production of pulp to its customers. Knoll Ecoform is a plant material made from bamboo, wood, and sugar cane fibers, which can be used as an alternative to thermoformed plastic platforms or as 100% pulp packaging solution. The material is certified recyclable and biodegradable. It can also be molded, cut to order and color matched. Through this sustainable innovation, Knoll is on track to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain in 2022.

The latest Knoll Ecoform molded pulp innovations have set a new standard for sustainable luxury packaging and have recently been nominated for multiple prestigious awards across the industry. Jo Malone introduced a star-shaped 100% Knoll Ecoform molded pulp base and cover for their holiday packaging, which has been shortlisted for the 2022 UK Packaging Award’s Innovation of the Year and Formes de Luxe Awards for Best Communications Packaging. The package was designed to hang, and the molded pulp has been perfectly color matched to Jo Malone’s iconic cream paper. The brands logo has also been stamped on the cover, and the 100% Knoll Ecoform molded pulp is certified recyclable in the paper recycling steam.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the N°5 perfume, Chanel partnered with Knoll Packaging to reinvent its packaging with their first 100% Knoll Ecoform pulp clamshell, and develop the brands first advent calendar out of molded pulp. Knoll Ecoform was chosen for both projects for its sustainable materials, design qualities, and ability to be perfectly formed to recreate the iconic N°5 perfume bottle, fully realized as a clamshell and a larger-than-life advent calendar. These two projects require the highest level of expertise to achieve the perfect finishes and complex shapes. The Chanel Knoll Ecoform molded pulp Advent Calendar and Chanel Knoll Ecoform molded pulp clamshell are both shortlisted for Limited Edition of the Year and Innovation of the Year at the 2022 UK Packaging Awards, and nominated for Best Cosmetics Coffret at the 2022 Formes de Luxe Awards. The Chanel Advent Calendar is also nominated for the Pentaward’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards.


Jo Malone, and other major global brands are continuing to look for innovative ways to implement Knoll Ecoform molded pulp into their packaging. Knoll’s innovation department has been developing unique shapes ranging from 100% pulp igloos to clamshell bows. The molded pulp allows for multi-dimensional effects and shapes that can’t be achieved in traditional FSC Paper & Board constructions, so there are countless ways to incorporate the material into a brands packaging.  This also includes mixing FSC Paper & Board and molded pulp together. This allows brands to incorporate full 4-color printing process with the dramatic shapes achievable in pulp. This holiday season, we will see on the market the first packages that mix these materials together to create a powerful and sustainable solution.


As Knoll continues to work towards its sustainability goals to remove plastics completely from its supply chain, it has looked at other areas where Knoll Ecoform can be implemented. Most notably, the team has developed 100% molded pulp make-up solutions, including single-pan and multi-pan compacts and refills. Research shows that plastic compacts account for some of the largest landfill waste, so this recyclable and luxury solution would solve one of the largest sustainability crises. Many brands in the UK, and across the world, are in development to implement this approach and begin removing plastic compacts. The year 2023 will be a transformative year for make-up compacts and Knoll is thrilled to be leading the industry with these innovations.

The world changed quickly over last few years, and James Kendall and the Knoll team have put into place the foundation for a strong and sustainable future. There are new horizons ahead with more packaging innovations, expanded global manufacturing capabilities, while maintaining the same Knoll standard that is so highly regarded in the industry. The future is now, and Knoll is driving the future of luxury packaging.

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