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Roundup of the latest packaging inspiration and thought-provoking designs for November.

Butterfly Cannon steps into the future with its designs for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label x Luke Halls Collaboration – Cities of the Future 2220.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the Scotch Whisky maker’s most prestigious and famous blends and the “Cities” series Butterfly Cannon designed, one of Blue Label’s most popular and successful offerings, with 100% growth vs the previous release. By going beyond whisky category norms and capturing the attention of luxury and culture commentators, with an unexpected and disruptive collaboration that delivers a wildly imaginative view of the future that inspires consumers to look at their own cities and the world with new eyes.

“We wanted the entire bottle to feel like it had arrived from the visionary future it portrayed. So we updated Blue Label’s iconic 24-degree angle label with pared-back graphics to give greater emphasis to the Blue Label word-mark, picked out in silver foil (a first for Johnnie Walker) against a cooler, more contemporary shade of blue. This colour scheme was carried through to the monolithic and monochromatic outer, with key details highlighted sparingly through the same silver foil, for great shelf standout, without giving away the whole picture.”

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Chemistry Gin

The creation below from New Zealand based designers and gin makers, features a fun and intriguing set of orbs, relating to the gin creators biochemistry career. The orbs represent the feel “interconnectedness” with them blending in colour and shape. A concept furthered by an overprinting technique used on the bottles silver foil adding a tactile element to each orb. In line with Karori Drinks Company’s ethos of “treading lightly on the planet” the Chemistry Wild Glass “Pharma” bottle is made with 100% post-consumer glass with it requiring up to 35% less energy input.

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Manoli Canoli – Apollèe

The brand identity was created to convey a strong product presence due to the extra virgin olive oil’s superior quality and Greek origin. The journey began with the naming process, taking inspiration from the sun which gives the soil nutrients; and thus, the olives used. Forming the product Greek god namesake; Apollo, God of the Sun. Golden elements are featured to reinforce this decision, as well as conveying a luxury and premium quality.

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