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Design Case Study | Vogis Gin – Indigo Branding Agency

A business trip to Cuba passed through London in the eighties. It was there that the scientist Vardan Yavruyan tasted gin for the first time. He immediately felt that there was something specific and genuine about the drink. After returning to Armenia, he was determined to create the drink in his homeland.

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Design Case Study | Simil – Sollasa

Sollasa is the world’s first spirit crafted specifically to complement Indian cuisine. It combines orange zest, lime and lychee, with herbaceous notes of mint and basil, the cooling fragrant spice of coriander seeds and cardamom, and a pinch of sea salt – the perfect blend of flavours to elevate your Indian meal.


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Design Case Study | Hi Estudio – Robel

In each small town in Mexico different stories, tales and anecdotes are told. The inspiration for this project was born from a legend, they say that its inhabitants sat under a tree to watch the rain, it is said that under that tree a large oak was buried a pet (a dog) and its owner they magically turned the rain into gin, for the townspeople.

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