Scantrust Partners with U-label and spiritsEUROPE for Enhanced E-Labelling Platform

Streamlining Compliance with EU Regulations in the Wine and Spirits Industry

Scantrust has joined forces with U-label and spiritsEUROPE to introduce an enhanced e-labelling platform, U-label by Scantrust, aimed at assisting wine and spirits producers in complying with the latest EU labelling regulations. U-label, initiated by the European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV), merges Scantrust’s QR code and e-label technology with U-label’s expertise in European wine and spirits industry regulations.

This collaborative effort seeks to provide producers with a user-friendly platform for efficiently meeting EU labelling requirements. The updated platform features QR codes that link to comprehensive ingredient and nutritional information, accessible to consumers through their smartphones by scanning wine bottles. This initiative underscores the commitment to transparency and consumer empowerment within the wine and spirits industry.

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