Maison Guerlain Unveils Nadine Kanso’s ‘Rêve d’Amour’ to Mark 170th Anniversary of Iconic Bee Bottle

Guerlain asked Lebanese designer Nadine Kanso to give a modern twist to the iconic Bee bottle, infusing the art of perfumery with contemporary jewellery.

The theme of love serves as the inspiration for the collaboration, resulting in a unique creation. “I chose the word ‘love’ to show the world that with love we can accomplish beautiful things.” — Nadine Kanso 

Rêve d’Amour

Guerlain continues its tradition of artistic collaborations with the addition of Lebanese artist Nadine Kanso, whose work draws inspiration from Arab culture. Kanso’s renowned calligraphy, infused with refinement and elegance, serves as the basis for the intricate gold and precious gem jewellery that adorns the limited edition Bee bottles of “Rêve d’Amour.” 

A celebration of love and fragrances, the iconic word “Love” is written in Arabic calligraphy nine times and decorated with thousands of sparkling Swarovski crystals, placed by hand by a team of skilled craftsmen. Guerlain’s historic atelier, recognized as a “Living Heritage Company,” partnered with Swarovski to create the jewelled bottle, which required over 12 hours of detailed craftsmanship for each motif. The exquisite bottle contains a special eau de parfum, crafted exclusively by Guerlain perfumers for this limited edition of only 30 numbered pieces.

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