Coty announces ‘most ambitious’ fragrance project yet

Coty unveiled its Infiniment Coty Paris plans alongside a new Orveda serum at a gala event celebrating its new Coty Protopia vision

Coty has revealed two innovative initiatives: Infiniment Coty Paris, an unparalleled and high-end fragrance collection; and a revolutionary serum within the prestigious skincare brand Orveda. The grand announcement took place at a glamorous gala event preceding the Cannes Film Festival, where Coty Protopia, the brand’s empowering vision for embracing bold and creative beauty expressions, was also unveiled.

“At Coty, we firmly believe that no one can control or dictate what is, or is not, beautiful,” said Sue Y Nabi, CEO of Coty.

“The future of beauty we strive to create is one anchored in a deep respect for and commitment to infinite expressions of individual beauty and experiences. 

“This ethos is embodied in our latest innovations, Orveda’s new Omnipotent Concentrate serum, which I believe is perhaps the most potent serum of all time.” 

Nabi further called Infiniment Coty Paris, “our most ambitious fragrance project to date, [which] aims to usher in a new era for fragrances and perfumery, representing to fragrance what Orveda is to skincare.”

Infiniment Coty Paris is claimed as the first fragrance with patents pending for both the formulation and the packaging. 

The collection will ultimately include a range of 14 ‘diverse’ scents and is expected to launch globally in 2024.  

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