FMCG News – Just Eat trials reusable packaging at UEFA football finals

Just Eat plans to introduce reusable packaging throughout the UEFA tournament finals this summer.

As part of a collaboration with PepsiCo and Heineken, the foodservice giant, Just Eat, is introducing a sustainable initiative during the UEFA Women’s Champions League final in Eindhoven. Fans ordering meals will receive their food in reusable packaging, which they can return at the end of the match to be washed and reused for future events. Through this trial, Just Eat aims to replace more than 20,000 units of single-use plastic packaging. To implement this concept at a major sporting event, Just Eat has extended its partnership with Vytal, a reusable packaging provider it already works with in Germany.

Additionally, Just Eat has partnered with Notpla once again. For the Champions League final in Istanbul and Conference League Final in Prague, football fans will be provided with seaweed food packaging. This sustainable packaging option was made available to fans during the recent Europa League Final in Budapest.

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