‘World’s first’ beer deodorant launched by Fussy and Brewdog

The roll-on features scent notes of hops and tropical fruits similar to the BrewDog’s hero IPA drink

Fussy, the refillable personal care brand, has teamed up with BrewDog, a renowned beverage producer, to unveil an exceptional deodorant that captures the essence of beer. Positioned as the global pioneer in its category, the “beer-odorant” is a roll-on product infused with the delightful aroma of hops and tropical fruits, reminiscent of BrewDog’s beloved IPA. As Father’s Day approaches on 18 June, BrewDog’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Carrol, believes this innovative creation will solve the worldwide conundrum of finding the perfect gift for dads on this occasion.

“For years, people have been in turmoil over what to buy Dad on his special day – shall I get him smellies? Shall we just treat him to his favourite tipple?” added Carrol.

“I say, why not do both.”

The product is housed in Fussy’s plastic-free compostable refillable packaging.

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