FMCG News – Coca-Cola and Riot Games Team Up for a Night of Fun!

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, joined forces with Coca-Cola to create the latest exclusive drop of Coca-Cola Creations

Coca-Cola® Final Zero Sugar has arrived, specially crafted to cater to the gaming community’s cravings. In collaboration with Riot Games, the masterminds behind League of Legends, Coca-Cola has created a limited-edition beverage that pays homage to the rewarding experience of earning Expertise Points (+XP) in games. Its packaging design incorporates elements from League of Legends lore, featuring a unique “Final” crest adorned with a captivating blue Hextech glow, a Spencerian Script font inspired by the game’s Nexus crystals, and a bold Coca-Cola Creations emblem in gold and black. This marks Coca-Cola’s first-ever collaboration with a gaming company to develop a distinct Coca-Cola flavor.

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