Meet the Speakers 2023 | Five minutes with: Cameron Worth, Founder and CEO of SharpEnd

London Packaging Week recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Worth, Founder & CEO of SharpEnd. Cameron founded SharpEnd / in 2014 as the industry’s first IoT agency with a mission to create the biggest ever digital unlock for brands – their products becoming interactive media. Read the full interview to find out more about Cameron, his take on consumer trends, his inspirations and more! 

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Cameron and I am the founder of SharpEnd, the world’s biggest creative studio for connected packaging and, the world’s fastest growing SaaS for brands scaling connected products with technologies such as QR Codes and NFC.

What or who inspires you?  

Anyone who does things with originality and style! It doesn’t matter what industry or discipline. In my opinion, originality and style are seriously lacking in today’s modern world so it would be nice to see more of it.

If you could reinvent anything, what would it be? 

We are focused on reinventing brand marketing. Currently marketing seems to be focused on pushing messages at people. What we are aiming to achieve with connected products is allow people to pull information, services, and experiences directly from products and different media touchpoints to get better stuff from their favourite brands. The KPIs are on our side, so now it’s about scaling.

What consumer trends are you paying attention to? 

The constant shift in consumer behaviours in terms of what social media platforms people are using is something we are monitoring at the moment. We firmly believe that first party platforms will be more important than third party platforms in the near future.

Cameron will be joining us at London Packaging Week this month! Make sure to join him at the Beauty & Drinks stage on Day 2 from 13:45 to 14:15 to hear his talk on smart packaging and ask him any questions at his exclusive Q&A!

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