Promoting the Sustainable Advantages of Metal Packaging: Eviosys at London Packaging Week

An Interview with Isabelle Le Graet, Eviosys Marketing, Communication, and Sustainability Manager

With London Packaging Week on our doorstep, Isabelle Le Graet, Marketing, Communication, and Sustainability Manager at major aluminium can manufacturer Eviosys, shares her insights with us on the company’s preparations for London Packaging Week and addresses key questions regarding sustainable metal packaging. The event, scheduled for next week, promises to be an essential platform for discussing vital industry issues

Preparations for London Packaging Week:

On opening the friendly conversation, Le Graet shared that Eviosys’ plans for London Packaging Week are right on track: “Preparations for London Packaging Week have been going very well. We have a lot of support from the Easyfairs organisation, which is great. We have some webinars and a good team to support us.”

Explaining their expectations from the show, she added, “What we expect from the event is to meet with potential new customers and to share our thoughts with the industry. Also, our vision of smart and sustainable packaging will be a key topic during our participation at the innovation stage of the cosmetic and luxury drink area.”

Metal Packaging’s Role in Sustainability:

On the topic of metal packaging’s role in sustainability, Le Graet highlighted, “Metal packaging is exceptionally well-suited to address the sustainability challenges we face today. It aligns perfectly with the very definition of sustainability, which is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.”

She added, “Metal is a truly circular product, infinitely recyclable, and a permanent material. It can be recycled into other metal packaging or repurposed for future generations. At London Packaging Week, we’ll emphasise our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Attention to Detail in Packaging:

When discussing the importance of attention to detail in packaging, Le Graet said, “In the current landscape where consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability, there’s no room for mistakes.” She also explained the company’s efforts to provide truly accessible product information through packaging, including the development of new technology, saying, “Our development of braille embossing technology is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and sustainability.”

Versatility of Metal Packaging:

Le Graet highlighted the versatility of metal packaging, stating, “Metal packaging goes beyond being a mere container. It carries an emotional aspect because it’s something you offer or receive.”

She continued, “It boasts a qualitative design and unmatched durability. People often reuse or repurpose metal packaging, making it a sustainable choice that stands the test of time.”

Barriers to Wider Adoption of Metal Packaging:

Le Graet acknowledged the historical association of metal packaging with premium or high-quality products, but she elaborated on their solutions, saying, “However, we offer solutions such as food cans that strike a balance between longevity, durability, and affordability. These are considerations that we believe will encourage more brands to embrace metal packaging.”

Sustainable Luxury and Creativity in Packaging:

Addressing the concept of sustainable luxury and creativity in packaging, Le Graet said, “Metal packaging epitomises sustainable luxury as it offers lasting quality.” She further discussed their creative capabilities: “At London Packaging Week, we’ll showcase our creative capabilities, including textures, colours, and finishes that align with future consumer trends.”

Balancing Sustainability and Cost for Brands:

When asked about the challenge of balancing sustainability and cost for brands, Le Graet said, “While consumers express a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging, brands often grapple with the challenge of balancing sustainability and cost.” Adding, “We firmly believe that sustainability should not come at a higher price. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to find ways to be both sustainable and affordable.”

Brands’ Reservations About Switching to Sustainable Packaging:

Regarding brands’ hesitancy to switch to sustainable packaging, Le Graet acknowledged, “Brands may exhibit hesitancy when contemplating the shift to sustainable packaging due to the pros and cons of various materials.” She stressed their role in encouraging customers, saying, “We play a pivotal role in guiding our customers toward making informed choices that consider aesthetics and sustainability.”

The Sustainability Evolution:

Regarding the evolution of sustainability in the packaging industry, Le Graet explained, “Sustainability has evolved into a fundamental requirement from our customers and is nearly as critical as cost considerations.” She discussed their commitment to sustainability, saying, “We conduct life cycle assessments for every new product, focusing on reducing the carbon footprint. The transformation in sustainability within the last few years is remarkable, and it has become an integral part of our business.”

Eviosys’ Transformation:

Le Graet concluded by shedding light on the company’s’ transformation: “In 2020, we transitioned into an independent group, enabling us to redefine our identity. Under the name Eviosys, we emphasise evolution and sustainability.” She underlined their commitment to packaging with a clear purpose, aligned with their culture and dedication to innovative and sustainable packaging.

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