Dior Introduces Luxury Baby Care Line, Including £230 Fragrance

From Bonne Étoile Fragrance to Tres Tendre Bath Milk – Dior Redefines Opulence in Infant Skincare

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Dior has ventured into the world of baby care, unveiling the Baby Dior collection, a range of cosmetics specially curated for children. The collection, comprising fragrances, bath, and body care products, takes a luxurious approach to infant skincare, with the standout offering being the Bonne Étoile eau de senteur fragrance priced at £230.

Formulated with a focus on ingredients gentle enough for babies’ delicate skin, the collection aims to redefine luxury in the realm of infant care. The Bonne Étoile fragrance, crafted by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, boasts notes of pear, cotton wool, and velvety petals. Dior describes it as “a protective bubble of softness” and “a delicate caress on baby’s skin,” emphasizing its composition with 98% natural ingredients and a no-alcohol formulation.

Complementing the fragrance are other products like the La Mousse Tres Fondante cleanser (£80), designed to leave a soft, protective film on the skin. The Le Lait Tres Tendre bath milk (£95) incorporates biomimetic lipids and jojoba esters, offering hydration and nourishment while preserving the fragile skin barrier of babies. The Eau Tres Fraiche cleanser (£80) includes mallow extracts for soothing and revitalizing the skin, highlighting natural origin extracts and a single cleansing agent.

Dior also presents an array of gift sets, featuring stuffed toys and pyjamas, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the brand’s luxury experience. The packaging, characterized by pastel-colored bottles and a toile de Jouy fabric adorned with animal and balloon prints, reflects the artistic touch of Dior’s Artistic Director Cordélia de Castellane.

This move into baby care is not Dior’s first foray into children’s products; in 1967, they introduced the original Baby Dior collection, encompassing clothing, toys, and an eponymous eau de cologne.

The entire Baby Dior collection is currently available for purchase on dior.com, marking a new era of opulence in the realm of infant skincare.

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