Glencadam Distillery Unleashes Crafted Excellence: Introducing the Art of Cask Finishes

Master Distiller Robert Fleming Elevates Tradition with Five Distinctive Expressions, Showcasing Glencadam’s Heritage in Every Sip

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In a strategic move to enhance its portfolio, the historic Glencadam Distillery in East Highland has introduced a captivating series of non-age statement cask finishes. Crafted by Master Distiller Robert Fleming in small, carefully curated batches, this collection offers a unique twist on the iconic Glencadam characteristics.

The journey begins with the single malt maturing in exceptional American oak ex-bourbon casks, sourced from Glencadam’s historic dunnage warehouses, staying true to the distillery’s distinctive style. However, the innovation lies in the subsequent finishing process, where each expression undergoes a transformation in experimental casks, resulting in five distinct taste profiles.

This release not only showcases Glencadam’s commitment to tradition but also its dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour exploration. The series promises a sensory journey through unique cask finishes, appealing to both connoisseurs and those seeking a novel whisky experience.

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