Capri-Sun Strengthens Sustainability Efforts with Enhanced Paper Straws

Revolutionizing Beverage Packaging for a Greener Future

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Capri-Sun, a popular beverage brand, has announced a significant move towards sustainability with the adoption of ‘stronger than ever’ paper straws. Set to debut in Q1 2024, these FSC-certified straws are part of the company’s broader ambition to achieve fully recyclable packaging across its UK range.

Developed by Capri-Sun’s team of packaging experts, these new paper straws boast impressive improvements in performance. They feature 36% more bending force resistance, withstand 18% more compression force, and exhibit a 42% increase in vertical compression resistance. This enhancement aims to provide a better drinking experience for consumers, especially children, while aligning with Capri-Sun’s sustainability objectives.

Anke von Hanstein, senior marketing manager at Capri-Sun UK, highlighted the company’s dedication to product development and customer satisfaction. She stated, “We’ve taken on board feedback from parents and have created a new paper straw, which is stronger than ever and will make it even easier for kids to enjoy our delicious Capri-Sun range.”

This isn’t the first sustainability initiative from Capri-Sun, as they initially introduced paper straws to their pouch range in spring 2021.

Other companies are also making strides towards eco-friendly packaging solutions. Starbucks, for instance, offers a ‘strawless’ lid design for its coffee cups and utilizes paper or compostable straws where necessary. Meanwhile, Morrisons aims to eliminate 80 million plastic straws from its operations, and a collaboration between Tetra Pak and MAX IV aims to enhance the composition of fiber-based materials for products like paper straws.

However, there are critics of paper straws, such as Andrew Manly from AIPIA, who points out their drawbacks. Paper straws reportedly use more material than plastic, require protection from moisture, can only be used once, may impart a strange taste, and can be challenging to recycle if printed.

Overall, Capri-Sun’s adoption of stronger paper straws represents a positive step towards sustainability in the beverage industry, though ongoing innovation and collaboration will be key to addressing remaining challenges in eco-friendly packaging.

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