Nescafé Unveils Bold New Look: Elevating Shelf Appeal and Sustainability Commitment

Revamped Packaging Sets the Standard for Exceptional Coffee Experiences

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Nescafé, the global coffee giant, has unveiled a fresh look for its branding and packaging, aiming to enhance its shelf appeal and capture consumer attention.

The new packaging, spanning across Nescafé Original, Nescafé Gold Blend, Nescafé Azera, and the Nescafé Frothy coffee range, features modern and eye-catching designs. Nescafé emphasized the incorporation of coffee bean imagery and the accent in “Nescafé” behind the logo, aiming to create a distinctive presence on store shelves.

Furthermore, Nescafé prominently showcases its commitment to sustainability with the declaration of “100% responsibly sourced coffee” displayed on every jar and pack.

Sophie Demoulin, Nescafé marketing director at Nestlé UK and Ireland, highlighted the significance of this revamp, stating, “This relaunch represents a significant milestone for our brand as we continue to evolve and stay ahead in the ever-changing coffee industry. By introducing new captivating pack designs, and making substantial investments in the brand, we want to demonstrate that we are dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to our fans.”

This refresh not only reinforces Nescafé’s commitment to quality and sustainability but also reflects its dedication to providing consumers with memorable coffee experiences in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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