Chanel Embraces Sustainable Packaging with Constellium’s Recycled Aluminium for Mascara

Partnering with Constellium, Chanel Redefines Luxury with Recycled Aluminium Packaging, Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Beauty

Chanel, renowned for its elegance and innovation, has embarked on a journey towards sustainability with its latest move in packaging. Collaborating with aluminium products manufacturer Constellium and luxury packaging specialist g.pivaudran, Chanel has introduced a new eco-conscious packaging solution for its esteemed ‘Le Volume’ mascara collection.

This initiative reflects a significant shift towards environmental responsibility within the beauty industry. Constellium’s contribution to this project is particularly noteworthy, as they’ve integrated 10% to 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium into the packaging, depending on the model. This move not only reduces waste but also aligns with the global push for sustainable practices.

The journey towards this sustainable solution wasn’t without its challenges. Since 2018, Constellium has been diligently working alongside g.pivaudran to address technical hurdles, such as deep stamping and maintaining the desired aesthetic appeal – whether smooth or brushed – on the packaging. Additionally, they focused on ensuring that the recycled content retained its stability, even after the anodisation process.

Patrick Broom, Sales & Marketing Specialties director at Constellium, expressed pride in this achievement, highlighting its significance in supporting the beauty industry’s shift towards eco-friendly alternatives. He said, “We are very proud of this major accomplishment, which supports the growing trend towards eco-friendly solutions in the beauty industry.”

This collaboration underscores the importance of partnerships in driving sustainable innovation. By joining forces, Chanel, Constellium, and g.pivaudran have not only delivered a greener packaging solution but have also set a precedent for future endeavours in eco-conscious packaging within the luxury sector.

As the world focuses more on sustainability, initiatives like this serve as beacons of hope, demonstrating that luxury and environmental responsibility can indeed go hand in hand. With Chanel’s adoption of recycled aluminium packaging, the beauty industry takes another step towards a brighter, greener future.

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