Lush Leads the Way: Switching to Prevented Ocean Plastic for Sustainable Bottles

British Cosmetics Retailer Takes Bold Steps Towards Environmental Stewardship and Supply Chain Transparency

Lush cosmetics bottle

British cosmetics giant Lush is spearheading a significant sustainability initiative by transitioning its bottles to materials certified by Prevented Ocean Plastic, marking a proactive step towards environmental stewardship.

The plastic used in the production of Lush’s new clear bottles is sourced within a 50km radius of ocean coastlines or major waterways in Indonesia. Without intervention, this plastic would pose a severe risk of entering and polluting the oceans. By collecting and recycling this plastic, Lush aims to divert over three million bottles from potentially polluting the UK’s waterways.

Indonesia, identified as a high-risk area due to inadequate waste management and recycling infrastructure, stands to benefit greatly from such initiatives.

The process involves collecting plastic from these at-risk areas, transporting it to collection centres, and then onwards to recyclers. Finally, the recycled material is distributed to packaging manufacturers for use by Lush and other retailers.

Lush has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, having utilised 100% recycled PET for its clear bottles for over a decade. Collaborating with Spectra Packaging, Lush has introduced certified recycled Prevented Ocean Plastic for its 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml bottles. This initiative extends to Lush’s manufacturing sites in Germany and Croatia, with plans for implementation in North America and Japan later this year.

While the transition for 1L bottles across all markets is still ongoing, they are set to be introduced later this year.

Karolina Michalska, from Lush’s creative buying team, expressed pride in the impact of the Prevented Ocean Plastic Programme on communities at high risk of plastic pollution. She highlighted the programme’s role in preventing tonnes of plastic from entering the oceans and enhancing supply chain transparency.

Jonathan Powell, sales director at Spectra Packaging, emphasised the shared vision between Spectra and Lush in driving positive change. He underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving common sustainability goals and making a meaningful impact.

Lush’s commitment to sustainable practices, exemplified by its adoption of Prevented Ocean Plastic, not only underscores its environmental responsibility but also sets a precedent for industry-wide sustainable initiatives.

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