PepsiCo Leads Collaboration for Sustainable Snack Packaging with 50% Recycled Plastic

Innovative Partnership in Flexible Packaging Supply Chain Delivers Eco-Friendly Solution for Sunbites


A collaborative effort between various companies within the flexible food packaging supply chain has resulted in the launch of innovative snack packaging containing 50% recycled plastic, meeting stringent food contact standards.

The packaging, introduced in the UK and Ireland for Sunbites, a well-known snack brand under PepsiCo, is crafted by converting plastic waste into food-grade packaging material, employing an advanced recycling process. This method complements mechanical recycling, ensuring compliance with rigorous EU regulations for food contact applications.

GreenDot spearheaded the procurement and supply of post-consumer plastic packaging waste, which underwent conversion into TACOIL (pyrolysis oil) through Plastic Energy’s technology.

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe utilized this pyrolysis oil as an alternative to conventional fossil feedstock, producing recycled propylene. This recycled propylene was then transformed into virgin-quality recycled polypropylene resin at INEOS’s facility in Lavera, France.

IRPLAST utilized the new resin to modify existing plastic packaging designs into fresh packaging films containing 50% post-consumer recycled materials, while meeting stringent food contact performance criteria.

Amcor played a crucial role by converting these films into printed packaging that maintains the same technical performance standards for PepsiCo.

PepsiCo launched the Sunbites packaging in the UK, marking a significant step towards sustainability. Archana Jagannathan, Chief Sustainability Officer at PepsiCo Europe, expressed pride in collaborating with industry partners towards more eco-friendly packaging solutions. She highlighted the significance of this initiative, aiming to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic from all crisp and chip packaging in Europe by 2030.

Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Director at Amcor, emphasised the importance of building a future where flexible packaging integrates seamlessly into the circular economy. He underscored their commitment to enhancing material technologies for PepsiCo’s packaging, incorporating renewable and recycled content to meet evolving demands.

The collaborative effort exemplifies a proactive approach towards sustainability, reflecting a shared commitment among industry leaders to foster eco-conscious practices within the packaging sector.

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