Campaigners Push for UK Ban on Single-Use Plastic Sachets

Urgent Calls to Align with EU Regulations to Tackle Plastic Pollution Crisis

Environmental campaigners from A Plastic Planet are urging the UK to emulate the European Union’s (EU) move to ban single-use plastic sachets. The EU’s decision, announced on March 4, 2024, mandates the phasing out of sauce sachets by 2030 as part of a comprehensive green packaging law.

A Plastic Planet has long advocated for the eradication of sachets, and their efforts have gained traction over the years. In 2020, a coalition of over 50 UK business leaders, politicians, and campaigners pushed for the inclusion of plastic sachets in both European and UK legislation, aligning them with other single-use items like plastic straws and cotton buds.

Furthermore, a government consultation prompted by the campaign revealed overwhelming support for a sachet ban in the UK. However, despite this widespread backing, sachets were notably absent from the single-use plastic ban introduced in October 2023, leaving the UK lagging behind in addressing this issue.

With an alarming 700 million single-use plastic sachets used annually in the UK alone, the urgency to act is clear. A Plastic Planet’s “Re-use, Refill, Replace Revolution” strategy, launched in 2023, proposes a roadmap to phase out single-use plastic items, including a call to ban sachets by the end of 2025, ahead of the EU’s timeline.

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, underscores the dire environmental consequences of sachet usage, highlighting their contribution to pollution and the proliferation of microplastics in natural habitats. The call for action resonates with the broader imperative to address plastic waste and safeguard the planet’s ecosystems.

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