Eco-Products Introduces Veridian: A Compostable Solution for Foodservice Contamination

Revolutionizing Sustainability in Packaging to Tackle Climate Change and Waste Management Challenges

Eco-Products, a Novolex brand, has introduced a groundbreaking compostable product line named Veridian, encompassing cups, lids, containers, and cutlery. This initiative aims to streamline composting processes for consumers, composters, and the foodservice industry, addressing the prevalent issue of contamination from non-compostable products.

Contamination poses a significant challenge to composters, hindering the growth of composting infrastructure and leading to increased landfill waste, exacerbating climate change concerns. The Veridian line features clear on-item labelling, prominently displaying the word “Compostable” alongside the BPI Certification Mark. Additionally, distinct green or brown identification elements such as tinting and striping help differentiate these compostable items from their non-compostable counterparts.

Wendell Simonson, Eco-Products’ marketing director, emphasises the importance of consistent labelling in facilitating the identification of compostable products for foodservice operators, customers, and composters alike. The Veridian line comprises over 50 items, spanning various categories including cold cups, hot cups, clamshells, deli containers, portion cups, salad bowls, and cutlery.

These products adhere to new US labeling regulations in Washington state and Colorado, necessitating the use of specific labelling elements to denote compostability. The laws were enacted to tackle contamination challenges and enhance the identification of compostable foodservice products. In October, Eco-Products launched the “CIRC” Program, aimed at mitigating contamination in the foodservice industry through an open-source, systems-based approach.

Simonson underscores the importance of proactive measures in preventing contamination, highlighting the critical role of consistent on-item labelling in safeguarding organic waste streams. Through initiatives like the Veridian line and the CIRC Program, Eco-Products is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future in the foodservice sector.

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