Texen Group and Sulapac Pioneer Bio-Based Beauty Packaging Solutions

British Cosmetics Retailer Takes Bold Steps Towards Environmental Stewardship and Supply Chain Transparency

Texen Group and Sulapac have joined forces to introduce a range of bio-based cosmetic packaging solutions derived from agrowaste. This collaboration expands Texen’s offerings to include Sulapac material grades, such as Sulapac Solid (industrially compostable) and Sulapac Luxe (a bio-based substitute for hard plastics). These materials are used in producing injection moulded caps and closures, with Texen’s technical expertise ensuring intricate designs can be tailored to specific requirements.

Denis Paccaud, Texen Group’s innovation director, emphasises the alignment of Sulapac’s high aesthetic and quality standards with eco-responsibility, enabling Texen to offer market-leading products with pioneering eco-features. The materials, primarily composed of bio-based and biodegradable biopolymers along with sustainable fillers like wood chips, contribute to reducing carbon footprint and fossil fuel usage.

Furthermore, Texen provides comprehensive testing and decoration services, including metallization of Sulapac materials, enhancing their appeal and functionality. Sulapac’s previous collaborations with luxury brands like Chanel and Shiseido underscore its capability to deliver premium bio-based materials.

Sulapac classifies its materials into three generations based on their impact on food supply and land use, with the third generation incorporating non-food sources like algae and microorganisms. Texen’s optimised processes ensure product quality and operational agility, maintaining standards comparable to traditional feedstocks.

Julie Vergnion, Texen Group’s Marketing & Communication Director, highlights Sulapac’s premium feel as a distinctive feature, enhancing the sensory experience of beauty products. This partnership signifies Texen’s commitment to providing sustainable yet luxurious packaging solutions, adding the coveted “French touch” to the beauty industry.

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