Aldi’s Groundbreaking Recycling Initiative: Tracing the Journey of Flexible Plastics

From Collection to Certification, How Aldi Leads the Way in Plastic Waste Reduction

Aldi UK has unveiled an innovative traceability scheme aimed at enhancing the recycling process of the 300 tonnes of post-consumer flexible plastic packaging it collects annually. Through this initiative, the supermarket giant is taking significant steps towards reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

Partnering with the Flexible Plastic Fund (FPF), Aldi’s scheme employs an AI-powered evidence system called Eco2Veritas, developed by Greenback Recycling Technologies. This system enables the tracking and verification of the flexible plastic packaging throughout its recycling journey, from collection to end product.

In a recent milestone, Aldi received its first certificate generated by Eco2Veritas, confirming the recycling of 62 tonnes of Polyethylene (PE) and 25 tonnes of Polypropylene (PP) collected over several months in 2023. Additional volumes are expected to undergo certification in the near future.

The collected material is processed by plastics recycler Jayplas, where it is sorted into two main polymers (PE and PP) before being pelletised. The PE is then repurposed into refuse sacks, while the PP is used to manufacture crates and trays.

Aldi UK’s plastic and packaging director, Luke Emery, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing plastic waste, acknowledging the significance of this issue to their customers. He highlighted the partnership with the FPF as a crucial step in furthering their recycling efforts.

FPF project lead at Ecosurety, Gareth Morton, commended the collaborative efforts of Aldi, Greenback, and Jayplas in bringing this initiative to fruition. He emphasized the dedication and hard work involved in developing the Eco2Veritas certification platform, which ensures transparency and confidence in the recycling process and outcomes.

Through this traceability scheme, Aldi is leading the charge in promoting sustainable practices within the retail industry, setting a commendable example for others to follow.

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