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A business trip to Cuba passed through London in the eighties. It was there that the scientist Vardan Yavruyan tasted gin for the first time. He immediately felt that there was something specific and genuine about the drink. After returning to Armenia, he was determined to create the drink in his homeland.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story.

He used juniper berries and coriander seeds which grow exclusively in the Armenian Highlands and have an unusual taste. He tried different methods and, finally, found the ideal recipe that conveyed the essence of the nature of Armenia. Despite the thorough investigations and detailed production plan, “Vogis” remained in the research papers …Years later, the younger members of the Yavruyan family found the Gin recipe in the scientific papers of their grandpa.

After experimenting with the recipe, they reproduced the drink. The drink is made by a unique technique. All the ingredients are distilled separately in the copper alembic. Then, all the spirits get coupled and are aged under special conditions. The gin derived has an indescribable taste and delicate aroma.

There are three flavours of gin; dry classic gin, wild cherry, peach. They use the purest botanicals for each type of Vogis to capture the essence and beauty of nature in every sip. It is the first Armenian gin and it is marketed locally.

Currently, the brand is negotiating with other countries like the USA, UAE, China, Russia to export its products to them. Vogis’ values underlying our goals are the essential part of “Vogis”

Quality: Driven by science

Passion: Blooming from the heart and soul of the Land

Devotion: Committed to our ancestors and our mission

What is innovative or unique about this pack?

The naming and branding were inspired by its story.

That’s the reason we called it VOGIS, which means “spirit” in Armenian.

Vogis is made in honour of the family traditions, and the spirit and the soul put into creating the drink. When you try “Vogis,” you can feel the spirit and the magical power of the land.

With the same dedication, our team of designers did a great job of creating the brand packaging design. In the past, gin was sold in pharmacies as a medicinal tincture. Therefore, during the construction of the packaging design, a bottle label was chosen, which to some extent conveys the impression of a healing substance.

However, through its modern approach, thanks to the illustration of juniper, it has a beautiful appearance.

What challenges did you have to overcome to create this pack?

To name a few, one of the challenges that we faced was finding the right printing company in Armenia that would be able to get the exact label that was displayed during the presentation.

Other than that, the printing press that we needed was not available anywhere in our country, so we had no choice but to order it from Germany.

The packaging we designed required UV printing and a zigzag frame for the label. We also needed an embossed printing, but we could not get it, so, the embossed turned into a matte printing, which still conveys the appearance we were aiming for.

What reactions have you had from your consumers?

After the product’s release in December 2021, it got a high number of appreciation on social media.

Most of the consumers started sharing and talking about the design of the gin, which contributed to the future sales of the actual product.

In turn, the high quality and the excellent taste of the gin resulted in positive feedback.

AGENCY: Indigo Brand Agency

LAUNCH DATE: December 2021

PLACE: Armenia, Yerevan

Brand Owners: Vogis Gin

Pack Manufacturer: Moussaler Printing House

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